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Who are we?

A Russian software development company, founded in 2002 in Saint Petersburg.

What do we do?

We develop software for cellular communications operators and employ it to furnish, integrate, and support combined hardware and software design solutions for clients.

Why select us?

Our company's experts have worked with large Russian and international customers.

Our team of experts has unique experience in developing and integrating design solutions for cellular operators.

All software that we furnish is the result of our own development efforts, which means we can modify it to suit your specific business objectives in the shortest possible time.

We are responsible for the performance of our designs and their conformance to current standards and RFC documents.

During the integration phase, we consider the specific nature of the celluar operator's network architecture, the designs of other manufacturers, and special-purpose protocols, even if they are of a nonstandard implementation.

We can offer an attractive licensing model for our platforms, from outright delivery to a revenue-sharing arrangement.

Where does this work?

Absolutely all the products we offer have been successfully integrated, are currently in operation, and generate revenue for celluar operators in Russia and abroad.

You can evaluate all our products if you have a necessary SIM card.

At your request, we are prepared to provide case studies for any of our products, as well as testimonials from our clients.*

* Client information is provided only in cases where this does not violate current agreements and contracts.