Delivery Contacts About Support


What is delivered?

We deliver combined hardware and software design solutions based on software platforms we've developed, in a configuration that addresses your requirements.

We provied the following for each design we deliver:
  • a software license (nonexclusive usage rights);
  • installation, integration, and startup services;
  • warranted technical support.
We can also provide the following:
  • certification of personnel using our course training materials;
  • technical support after the warrantee period;
  • updates (modifications) to software in response to special features of integration and any additional customer requirements;
  • delivey of hardware and other equipment for our products.

What is the delivery procedure?

We don't deliver a set of program modules, but a combined hardware and software solution designed by us in conformance to your requirements for functionality, performance, and fault-tolerance. Thus our first deliverable is a set of defined design requirements.

Based on your requirements, we will provide you with a draft design that lists all required hardware and software and includes a diagram of all external connections required for integration.

The following are entered into after the draft design has been negotiated and approved:
  • a software license agreement;
  • a contract for installing, integrating, and placing the design in operation;
  • a technical support contract (at no charge for the duration of the warranty period);
  • a hardware delivery contract (if such a delivery is required).

What are the licensing terms and conditions?

Our typical software license sets forth the number of copies of each software module that may run simultaneously.

In addition, the license states the maximum warranted system throughput at which we assure proper system functioning.

At the same time, we impose no technical constraints on system throughput.

This means that our design will also function at loads that exceed the maximum value stated in the license, and this is not, as stated in our typical license agreement, a violation of license terms and conditions by the client.

On the other hand, client reports of disruptions while the system is operating at levels in excess of maximum load can, naturally, not be addressed.

How can we test/evaluate?*

We can address your natural and understandable desire to test/evaluate our products as follows:

Any of our products is capable of operating only on one hardware server in a minimum (yet fully operable and practially fully functional) configuration.

We can install a product that interests you either on our hardware server, having integrated it into your network via secure Internet channels, or our experts can install the product on your server.

After installing and starting the product, we'll give you a month to evaluate it, passing both test and actual (commercial, billed) traffic through our product. At the end of the month, our experts will be prepared to provide you with consulting support.

Naturally, this evaluation is offered at no charge and in no way obligates you to purchase our product.

* The decision to provide a product for evaluation is made based on a client request, and shall be exclusively at the discretion of MobiTech. Installation and evaluation periods as well as product evaluation conditions and limitations may differ and depend on product, the technical features of the client's network, and other circumstances. MobiTech reserves the right to refuse to provide an evaluation installation without giving any reasons.

How is support provided?

We provide technical support whose level takes due account of the high requirements cellular operators have for rapid problem recovery.

Our support includes:
  • a round-the-clock "hot line" where you talk to a technical expert, not a phone operator;
  • an on-line support ticket request and tracking system;
  • immediate response in the event of a problem that disrupts server operation;
  • ongoing maintenance and enhancement of functionality, in accordance with your requirements.
All our designs provide a feature for continuous remote monitoring by our experts.