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m.Radius is a special-purpose implementation of the RADIUS server, which implements the functions of accounting functions (see: Radius-Accounting RFC 2866, RFC 2882, RFC 3576) and authorization (see: Radius-Authorization RFC 2865).

The product has been developed with due regard for the special and specific requirements associated with operation in a cellular operator's network.

m.Radius - Radius, AAA server
In addition to standard capabilities, m.Radius provides the following set of functions:
  • a session-management mechanism that defines the conditions for the simultaneous existence of sessions and methods for eliminating conflicts;
  • a mechanism for conventional processing of packet attributes and migration of specific vendor attributes to the standard domain;
  • an expanded system for sending packets, including a conventional system, with possible processing performed individually for each area.

The session-management mechanism is based on a set of rules that define the conditions for the simultaneous existence of sessions with identical attribute values and actions to be taken in the event rules are violated.

Conventional processing is defined by a set of actions and conditions for which they will be performed. Conditions are specified by the existence of an attribute of logical expressions over a value; a binary, regular, or network mask.

The distribution includes the following:
  • A software license agreement;
  • Documentation;
  • Warranted technical support.
In addition, we can perform:
  • Installation and integration tasks;
  • Personnel training;
  • Customization for the customer's infrastructure;
  • Technical support after the end of the warranty period.