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Access to online stores via mobile devices


The m.Store platform enables online stores to give buyers the opportunity to make purchases directly from their mobile devices.

The m.Store server side can be integrated with online stores by means of a standard interface and client application for the iPhone, which is freely downloadable from the Apple App Store.

m.Store - access to online stores via mobile devices

Product information in the m.Store database is updated for specific data at regular intervals defined to meet your needs.

The update process is automated and includes the preparation of images, product descriptions, news, etc. and optimization for display on a full range of mobile devices.

The design and logic of client applications for mobile devices can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your online store.

The current version of the iPhone application allows you to:
  • register / log in to the online store;
  • view the product catalogue in a conveniently structured form;
  • receive information about sales and special offers;
  • search the catalogue;
  • add purchases to a shopping basket.

When placing an order, full specifications on the selected products, payment method, delivery information, and so on is transferred to the online store. Payment and order tracking is standardized to align with best practices for on-line shopping.

Partners currently using m.Store :


Download the application in App Store:

for OZON

for MyShop

* Download and installation of the application requires access to the Apple App Store.